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SAP Optimization

SAP is the world leading ERP system. Companies buy it just to get access to best practices to improve their processes. Itís a world class system, but it has one major flaw, that flaw, all the information is locked in SAP! If that requires additional explanation, then you are not the target audience for this page.

Since 2005, Wollongong Soft Consulting has been unlocking critical information from ERP system and releasing the power of the information to the people that need it most.

Today, we are at the head of the class when it comes to integrating and streamlining the process of working with SAP using Microsoft tools.

  • Named by Microsoft as one of the leading companies in the country for integrating with SAP
  • An unblemished and proven track record of successful integrations with medium and large firms running SAP
  • A leader in using SharePoint, .NET and SQL Serverís BI capabilities to enhance the value of SAP
  • Selected as a top 5 planning and implementation partner for DUET
  • Developing Office Business Applications (OBAs) for customers today

Wollongong Soft Consulting is truly well ahead of and leading the way in understanding SAPís limitations and how to address them utilizing a suite of tools from Microsoft.

We have several focus areas when it comes to SAP enrichment, those areas include:

  • Extending SAP via Composite and Office Business Applications (OBAís)
  • DUET
  • SAP Integration

Composite and Office Business Applications (OBAís)

So, the reality of Sapphire is either starting to sink in or has already sunk in for your IT department. The business community is demanding more today than ever before and see products like DUET, composite applications and OBAís and wonder why they arenít installed yet. Easy for them, but you simply canít introduce something new this year without examining and making changes to your existing environment that will get you there.

The recent hype and popularity around DUET (aka Mendocino) proves that Office Business Applications (OBAís) are a much needed and demanded technology for SAP. It is well known that SAP is the leader in delivering best practices and business process through SAP. It is also known that SAP lacks the interface and intuitiveness to open the system to many users and get the most out of it. Many struggle with the various and complex aspects of SAP. With the tremendous investment made in SAP, itís unfortunate that the UI limits potential productivity.

Wollongong Soft Consulting has helped numerous companies see the possibilities and then realize the untapped value of SAP. OBAís and composite applications are an exciting new trend in interfacing SAP. It is the latest approach to opening up and simplifying the SAP experience. This is the answer to tapping the potential of SAP in your organization like never before. By taking the power of SAP and coupling it with intuitive end-user interfaces, like Microsoft Office for example, users can now enjoy the SAP experience and quickly provide information and answers previously unavailable. DUET is a suite of OBA applications that provide enormous business value for a set of specific business operations. Currently, DUET (versions 1.0 and 1.5) does not offer much in terms of customizations, so the functionality is limited to a specific approach and canít be modified.

Thatís where Wollongong Soft Consulting helps companies realize the benefits of SAP by delivering compelling business applications against SAP that streamline business process and boost productivity by creating Composite and OBA applications that meet the exact business needs of your organization.

Wollongong Soft Consulting works closely with leading architects from Microsoft and understands the challenges ahead for delivering what your business demand of, that is; a simplified, customizable approach to accessing SAP information for everyone in the organization. Wollongong Soft Consulting uses several options to integrate and extend the power of SAP, several options that have already proven to work in organizations like yours. We think the wait should be over for your business, get what you need from SAP and give it to everyone in your organization now by connecting with Wollongong Soft Consulting today. Together, we can tap the true potential and empower your internal and external work force like never before. Contact us today to setup an envisioning session so you can learn more about how we can help your organization achieve its goals by leveraging your investment in SAP.

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